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Фразовый глагол GET

Get across – разъяснять

Alan is really intelligent but sometimes he has problems getting his ideas across. &

Get along – ладить

Why can't you and your sister get along?

Get away – уезжать

I’ll be getting away.

Get away with - уходить от наказания

You won’t get away with the robbery.

Get back – возвращаться

When are they planning to get back?

Get by - сводить концы с концами

It's going to be hard to pay the rent now that you've lost your job, but somehow we'll get by.

Get down to - приступать к

Get down to work!

Get in - проникать, попадать

She just got in her car and drove away.

Get on - садиться на транспорт

She got on the plane about 20 minutes ago.

Get off - выходить из транспорта

When you get off the bus, cross the street.

Get out of - покидать, выходить

You'll have to get out of the car.

Get over - выздоравливать, поправляться

She thought she would never get over feeling so stupid.

Get through (to) - связываться по телефону

You should get through to the manager.

Get up – просыпаться

You'll have to get up much earlier than usual tomorrow.

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