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Фразовый глагол RUN

Run across - "наткнуться"

I hadn't seen Gloria for ages when I ran across her in the supermarket.

Run after - "преследовать"

I ran after the bus, but it didn’t stop for me.

Run away - "убегать"

Everyone ran away from the explosion.

Run against - "противостоять, мешать"

Luck is really running against you tonight!

Run by - "изложить, посвятить"

Can I run a few ideas by you?

Run down - "спуститься"

Can you run down and sign a couple of papers?

Run into - "наткнуться"

I ran into my English teacher at the shopping mall.

Run in - "сдать полиции"

He didn’t take time and ran him in.

Run on - "продолжаться"

I hope this meeting doesn’t run on too long.

Run to - "обращаться за помощью"

Aren’t you a little old to run home to your mother?

Run up - "быстро сделать, сварганить"

I can run up a pair of curtains in a day.

Run off - "сбежать"

Their dad ran off when they were little.

Run out (of) - "использовать всё"

Many hospitals are running out of money.

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