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Фразовый глагол HOLD

Hold in - "сдерживать"

It can be bad for you to hold in anger.

Hold on - "ждать"

We’ll hold on another minute, then we’ll have to go.

Hold to - "продолжать, придерживаться"

The western democracies held to their policy of non-intervention.

Hold up - "удерживать в положении"

Her legs were almost too shaky to hold her up.

Hold back - "удерживать от"

Her parents worried that her classmates were holding her back.

Hold down - "удерживать на месте"

They put a cloth on the grass and stones on the edge to hold it down.

Hold off - "медлить"

How much longer can they hold off on political reform?

Hold out - "быть достаточным"

How long will your money hold out?

Hold over - "перенести на другое время"

RUOne session was held over until this evening.

Hold with - "мириться с, одобрять"

He won’t be able to hold with her behavior.

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