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Фразовый глагол LOOK

Look after - присматривать за

I look after the office when my colleagues are away on business.

Look ahead – планировать

In this business, it's very difficult to look ahead and predict what will happen.

Look at - взглянуть на...

Could you look at my report and tell me if you think it's OK?

Look back - оглядываться назад

[I realise I was very naive when I look back. – Я понимаю, что был очень наивным, когда оглядываюсь назад.]

Look down on – пренебрегать

The people who work in Headquarters always look down on the people in the branches.

Look for – искать

He has been looking for a job for ages now.

Look forward to - с нерпением ждать

I'm seeing him on Tuesday. I'm really looking forward to it.

Look in - заскочить, забежать

RULook in on Jenny and check that she is still working.

Look into – рассмотреть

We have set up a working group to look into the problem.

Look up - посмотреть в книге

Hold on a sec, I’ll look this word up in the dictionary.

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